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Middleton Place In Charleston SC

Discover the captivating beauty and rich history of Middleton Place in Charleston, SC. Explore stunning gardens, elegant architecture, and witness remnants of plantation life. A truly unforgettable experience awaits!

Located in Charleston, South Carolina, Middleton Place is a stunning and historic destination that should be at the top of your must-visit list. This enchanting locale is renowned for its breathtaking gardens, rich history, and elegant architecture. As you stroll through the meticulously manicured grounds, you will be transported back in time to the 18th century, where you can witness the remnants of plantation life and explore the captivating beauty that surrounds you. With its tranquil atmosphere and timeless charm, Middleton Place offers a truly unforgettable experience for history buffs, nature enthusiasts, and those seeking serenity amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

History of Middleton Place

Founding of Middleton Place

Middleton Place, located in Charleston, SC, holds a rich history that dates back to the 18th century. The plantation was founded in 1738 by Henry Middleton, a prominent South Carolina planter and politician. Henry purchased the property and built a small wooden farmhouse, beginning what would become one of the wealthiest plantations in the state.

Early owners of Middleton Place

Following Henry Middleton, his son Arthur Middleton inherited the plantation. Arthur was a signer of the Declaration of Independence and played a key role in the American Revolution. The Middleton family continued to uphold their prominence and prosperity through several generations, taking part in the political and social affairs of the time.

The American Revolution

During the American Revolution, Middleton Place became a center for political discussions and planning, as the Middleton family was deeply involved in the fight for independence. Arthur Middleton’s son, Henry Middleton, served as President of the First Continental Congress. Middleton Place itself was even used as a meeting place for the Continental Congress in 1782.

Slavery at Middleton Place

Like many other plantations in the South, Middleton Place was dependent on enslaved labor for its operations. At its peak, the plantation had over 1,000 enslaved individuals working in the fields, gardens, and domestic roles. The history of slavery at Middleton Place is an important aspect of understanding the complex and dark history of the plantation.

The Civil War

During the Civil War, Middleton Place faced significant challenges. The plantation was occupied by Union troops, and much of the property, including the house, was burned down. The Middletons, however, managed to preserve some of the valuable artwork and artifacts, ensuring that the plantation’s history would not be entirely lost.

The Gardens

Overview of the Gardens

One of the main highlights of Middleton Place is its magnificent gardens, which are among the oldest and most renowned in America. Designed in the 18th century, the gardens reflect the principles of European landscape architecture, incorporating symmetry, balance, and classical influences.

The Octagonal Garden

At the heart of Middleton Place’s gardens is the Octagonal Garden, a tranquil and picturesque space. The perfectly manicured hedges, vibrant flowers, and exquisite statues create a serene atmosphere that is perfect for quiet contemplation or simply enjoying the beauty of nature.

The Butterfly Lakes

Adjacent to the Octagonal Garden are the Butterfly Lakes, which provide a stunning backdrop to the surrounding landscape. These mirrored lakes, with their graceful fountains and an abundance of wildlife, are a favorite spot for visitors seeking a moment of peace and tranquility.

The Camellias Collection

Middleton Place is renowned for its extensive collection of camellias, featuring over 4,000 varieties of this beautiful flowering plant. From delicate pink petals to vibrant red blooms, the camellias at Middleton Place offer a feast for the eyes, particularly during the winter months when they are in full bloom.

The Arboretum

For nature enthusiasts, the Arboretum at Middleton Place offers an opportunity to discover a diverse array of tree species. With over 65 acres of cultivated forests, visitors can explore the various types of trees, from towering oak and pine to graceful magnolias and flowering cherry trees.

The House Museum

Architecture of the House

The House Museum at Middleton Place showcases a remarkable example of 18th-century plantation architecture. The original house, unfortunately destroyed during the Civil War, has been meticulously reconstructed to its former glory. Designed in the Georgian-Palladian style, the house features imposing columns, elegant proportions, and grand interiors that capture the essence of Southern plantation life.

Furnishings and Artifacts

Inside the House Museum, visitors can admire a stunning collection of period furniture, artwork, and artifacts. The Middleton family’s wealth and taste are reflected in the delicate furniture pieces, intricate silverware, and exquisite artworks that adorn the rooms. From the opulent dining room to the intimate sitting areas, each space offers a glimpse into the past.

Touring the House Museum

Guided tours are available for visitors to explore the House Museum and learn about its history and significance. Expert guides provide insights into the lifestyles of the Middleton family, the architectural details of the house, and the stories behind the furniture and artwork. Visitors can take their time to soak in the grandeur and beauty of this historic mansion.

The Plantation Stableyards

Overview of the Stableyards

The Plantation Stableyards at Middleton Place offer a fascinating glimpse into the working life of a historic plantation. The stableyards were the hub of daily activities, where enslaved laborers, craftsmen, and livestock worked together to sustain the operations of the plantation.

Working Craftsmen

Visitors to the Stableyards can witness demonstrations by skilled craftsmen, showcasing traditional crafts such as blacksmithing, weaving, and pottery making. These talented individuals provide a living connection to the past, keeping alive the traditions and skills that sustained the plantation economy.

Livestock and Agriculture

The Stableyards are also home to various farm animals, including heritage breeds that were once essential to the plantation’s agricultural activities. From sheep and pigs to chickens and horses, visitors can interact with these animals and learn about their historical significance in the context of Middleton Place.

Demonstrations and Workshops

The Plantation Stableyards offer a range of interactive experiences for visitors of all ages. From hands-on workshops where visitors can try their hand at pottery or weaving, to informative demonstrations on animal care and farming techniques, there is something to engage and educate everyone.

Middleton Place Restaurant and Inn

Dining at the Restaurant

After a day of exploration, visitors can indulge in a delicious meal at the Middleton Place Restaurant. The restaurant offers a unique dining experience, with a focus on farm-to-table cuisine that showcases the best of local ingredients. Executive chefs create culinary masterpieces inspired by traditional Southern recipes, ensuring a memorable dining experience that is both satisfying and authentic.

Accommodation at the Inn

For those seeking an immersive experience, the Middleton Place Inn provides comfortable and elegant accommodations amidst the natural beauty of the plantation. Guests can choose between various room options, all designed to offer a peaceful retreat after a day of exploration. With modern amenities and charming surroundings, the Inn provides a unique opportunity to experience the historical charm of Middleton Place.

Special Events and Weddings

Middleton Place also caters to special events and weddings, offering breathtaking venues amidst the stunning backdrop of the plantation. Whether it’s an intimate ceremony in the gardens or a grand reception in the House Museum, the team at Middleton Place ensures a seamless and unforgettable event, tailored to the needs and preferences of each couple or group.

The Middleton Place Foundation

Preservation and Restoration Efforts

The Middleton Place Foundation plays a crucial role in preserving and restoring the historic site for future generations. The foundation’s dedicated team of experts tirelessly works to ensure that the gardens, house, stableyards, and other structures are maintained in their original glory. These ongoing efforts ensure that Middleton Place remains a living testament to the past.

Educational Programs and Events

The Middleton Place Foundation offers various educational programs and events throughout the year, catering to students, families, and history enthusiasts. From guided tours and lectures to interactive workshops and summer camps, these programs provide opportunities for visitors to delve deeper into the rich history and cultural significance of Middleton Place.

Volunteer Opportunities

Middleton Place provides volunteering opportunities for individuals passionate about history, gardens, or supporting the foundation’s mission. Volunteers can assist with gardening, lead tours, or contribute their expertise in various areas. By becoming a volunteer, individuals can actively contribute to the preservation and promotion of this important historic site.

Visiting Middleton Place

Opening Hours and Admission

Middleton Place welcomes visitors throughout the year, with opening hours varying depending on the season. It is advisable to check the official website for the most up-to-date information regarding opening hours and admission fees. Admission tickets provide access to all areas of Middleton Place, including the gardens, House Museum, and Plantation Stableyards.

Directions and Transportation

Middleton Place is conveniently located in Charleston, SC, making it easily accessible by car, taxi, or rideshare services. Detailed directions are available on the official website, ensuring a smooth journey to this historic destination. Parking facilities are available on-site, allowing visitors to explore at their own pace.


Middleton Place is committed to providing an inclusive experience for all visitors. The gardens, House Museum, and Stableyards have wheelchair-accessible pathways and facilities. Visitors with specific accessibility needs are encouraged to contact Middleton Place in advance to ensure that their visit is as comfortable and accommodating as possible.

Tips for Visitors

To make the most of a visit to Middleton Place, visitors are advised to wear comfortable shoes and clothing suitable for outdoor exploration. It is also recommended to bring sunscreen, insect repellent, and a hat to protect against the elements. Photography is allowed throughout the estate, so visitors are encouraged to capture the beauty and history of Middleton Place.

Nearby Attractions

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

Located in proximity to Middleton Place, Magnolia Plantation and Gardens offers another fascinating glimpse into the history of Charleston’s plantations. Known for its stunning gardens and historic house, Magnolia Plantation is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the region’s rich heritage.

Drayton Hall

Just a short distance from Middleton Place, Drayton Hall is a preserved plantation house that provides a unique window into the past. Featuring stunning architecture and a rich history, Drayton Hall offers guided tours, allowing visitors to step back in time and learn about the lives of the people who once called it home.

Charleston Historic District

Charleston’s Historic District is renowned for its well-preserved architecture, vibrant culture, and storied past. Visitors can explore the charming streets lined with historic homes, visit renowned museums, and discover the city’s fascinating history through guided tours. A visit to Charleston’s Historic District is an essential part of any trip to the region.

Folly Beach

For those seeking a break from history and heritage, Folly Beach offers the perfect coastal escape. Located just a short drive from Middleton Place, Folly Beach boasts pristine sandy shores, excellent surfing spots, and a laid-back atmosphere. Whether it’s soaking up the sun, enjoying water sports, or exploring the local shops and restaurants, Folly Beach promises a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Events and Festivals

Spring Festival

Middleton Place’s Spring Festival is a highly anticipated event that showcases the vibrant colors and fragrances of the gardens. Visitors can enjoy guided tours, gardening workshops, and special exhibits that celebrate the arrival of spring. The festival also features live music, food vendors, and family-friendly activities, creating a festive atmosphere that appeals to all ages.

Christmas at Middleton Place

To celebrate the holiday season, Middleton Place transforms into a winter wonderland during Christmas at Middleton Place. The gardens and the House Museum are adorned with festive decorations, creating a magical atmosphere. Visitors can participate in holiday-themed activities, enjoy seasonal treats, and experience the joy of the holiday season amidst the historical charm of Middleton Place.

Picnic in the Park

Middleton Place’s Picnic in the Park is an annual event that invites visitors to gather on the picturesque grounds for an afternoon of music, picnics, and leisurely strolls. Families and friends can make lasting memories as they relax in the gardens, enjoy live entertainment, and savor delicious food prepared by local vendors. This cherished event embodies the spirit of community and togetherness.

Lecture Series

Throughout the year, Middleton Place hosts informative and engaging lecture series that delve into various aspects of history, horticulture, and cultural heritage. Renowned experts and scholars present their research and insights, creating an intellectual environment that encourages learning and discussion. Whether it’s a lecture on plantation history or a talk on garden design, the lecture series at Middleton Place offers a unique opportunity to expand knowledge and deepen understanding.

Middleton Place Wildlife

Birds and Waterfowl

Middleton Place’s gardens and lakes provide an ideal habitat for a diverse range of bird species and waterfowl. Birdwatchers can spot various migratory birds, such as herons, egrets, and ducks, as they enjoy the serene surroundings. The tranquil lakes offer a picturesque backdrop for birdwatching enthusiasts to observe these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat.

Wildlife Sightings

While exploring the gardens and nature trails of Middleton Place, visitors may have the chance to encounter a variety of wildlife. From turtles and snakes to rabbits and deer, the plantation’s natural setting attracts a wide array of animals. Wildlife sightings offer an opportunity to appreciate the delicate balance of nature and the biodiversity that thrives within the plantation grounds.

Nature Trails

For those who enjoy exploring the great outdoors, Middleton Place offers nature trails that wind through forests, marshes, and open meadows. These trails provide visitors with a chance to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the Lowcountry region, while also learning about the local flora and fauna. With each step, visitors can experience the serenity and tranquility that the nature trails at Middleton Place offer.

In conclusion, Middleton Place in Charleston, SC, holds a significant place in American history and offers a captivating experience for visitors. From its rich historical background to its stunning gardens, the plantation is a treasure trove of beauty, culture, and heritage. The House Museum provides a glimpse into the opulent lifestyle of the Middleton family, while the Plantation Stableyards offer a unique insight into the daily operations of a plantation. The Middleton Place Foundation’s efforts in preservation and education ensure that this historic site continues to inspire and educate generations to come. Visitors to Middleton Place can also enjoy dining at the restaurant, stay at the inn, and participate in special events, making for a truly immersive experience. With its proximity to other notable attractions and its calendar of events, Middleton Place offers something for everyone, whether it be history enthusiasts, nature lovers, or those simply seeking a tranquil escape.

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